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The John Ramplin Charitable Trust donates to Guernsey registered charities to enhance the health and wellbeing of a wide section of the Bailiwick community.


What is the John Ramplin Charitable Trust?

The Trust is a private Trust which was established in 2016 by the late Mr John Ramplin. The five trustees responsible for the administration of the estate are Mr David Woodland (Chairman) Mr Tony Woodland, (Administrator), Mr Roger Allsopp, FRCS, Mr Timothy Sanders and Mr Paul Bailey (Assistant Administrator). The trustees meet four times a year to consider applications.

About John Wallace Helson Ramplin

Born Croydon, Surrey – 28th February 1931
Died Guernsey - 6th January 2016
John attended Tonbridge School, Tonbridge, Kent.
He worked for many years in insurance, mainly with C.J. Bowring Group as a broker and underwriter. He was an underwriting member of Lloyds of London.

Most of his working life was spent in the City of London and he was also stationed in the Far East, including Hong Kong, Japan and Korea. It was here in Guernsey he chose to spend his retirement, still actively engaged as a shareholder and Director with Guernsey Care Homes Holdings until his death.

He accumulated a substantial portfolio of shares and with some minor exceptions of a personal nature he placed the whole of his worldly possessions into a Guernsey Charitable Trust to benefit many sick, poor or aged people within our community.

Who can apply?

The Trust makes payments to Guernsey registered charities with a view to improving the health and wellbeing of a wide section of the Bailiwick community.

Grants tend to be paid to charities that assist low income families, children, older people, people affected by disability or ill-health, community projects and medical research - although the Trustees do choose, on occasion, to donate to other causes. In compliance with the terms of the Trust, grants cannot be made to organisations whose sole aim is the promotion of political or religious beliefs. Grants are not normally awarded to individuals.

There is no minimum or maximum amount that can be applied for, although grants generally range between £5,000 and £20,000.   

All successful applicants will be required to confirm that funds have been spent as speficied in their application and that any grants have been distributed directly to recipients.

The Trustees will only award grants intended to cover running costs or salaries by exception.

How to apply?

The Guernsey Community Foundation is managing the administration of the grant process of the John Ramplin Charitable Trust. All enquiries for funding should be sent to the Foundation to Anna– [email protected] who will then send you an application form if your application meets the stated criteria.

We expect organisations which work with children or vulnerable adults, including older adults, to have a safeguarding policy in place. The lack of a policy will debar your application from being processed.

Please note that you will need to submit your latest accounts and your safeguarding policy (if applicable) along with your application form.


Guernsey Community Foundation - David  Woodland

David Woodland

David began his career as a Police Cadet in 1953, pausing to complete his two years National Service, stationed with the Royal Military Police in Dusseldorf.

After returning to the UK, he resumed working with the Police and enrolled in London’s Metropolitan Police Detective Training School in 1961. He rose up the ranks to Detective Inspector of New Scotland Yard’s Crime Intelligence Department and retired in 1978, earning a Certificate of “Exemplary Character” for his service.

David then travelled extensively on behalf of Lloyds of London, conducting global investigations into shipping and large-scale insurance frauds. It was at this point that he became significantly involved in charity and served on the National Council of the Registered Nursing Homes Association, UK.

In 1987 David relocated to Guernsey. Since then he has been involved with a variety of charitable causes. He has served as Chairman for Guernsey Care Homes and was the founder and Chairman of Age Concern (Guernsey). Since 2016 he has acted as the Chairman of the John Ramplin Charitable Trust.

In his spare time David enjoys travelling, walking and writing. He has two published books to his name; critical reflections on his time with the Police.

Guernsey Community Foundation - Tony  Woodland

Tony Woodland

Tony Woodland was born in 1961 in Croydon and was educated and lived in the South London/Surrey area until his early thirties. He worked for Lloyds Bank in the City of London and for Westminster City Council, before he started working for the family care home business, firstly in Sutton and later in Guildford. During his employment he studied and qualified for an HNC in Business Studies and a CIM diploma in Marketing.

When the business was sold and his father relocated to Guernsey and set up a care home business there, Tony joined him on the island a few years later in 1998.

Tony got to know John Ramplin very well from his investment in Guernsey Care Homes Holdings.

Tony is married to Corinna and has one son and two step-children. He loves to travel and likes to keeps active. He has an affinity with Spain, where his mum was born and resides, as do his two brothers. He enjoys various sports, especially golf, tennis and padel tennis, which he recently helped introduce to the island.

“I’m privileged and honoured to be involved with the John Ramplin Charitable Trust and to be in the fortunate position to be able to help so many worthy locally based charities, especially those focussing on medical research and charities aimed at children and the elder person.”


Guernsey Community Foundation - Roger  Allsopp

Roger Allsopp

Roger Allsopp moved to Guernsey in 1975 to take up a post as consultant surgeon. He worked in this capacity for 31years, for the last 10 years of which he was also was working as honorary consultant to the Southampton University Hospital Trust.

He was awarded the OBE for services to medicine in Guernsey and the UK in 2004. In 2006 he retired from clinical practice and as chairman for the Charity Hope for Guernsey, became intimately involved in fund raising for medical research carried out under the auspices of Wessex Medical Research. The specific area of interest being into proteomic markers for the early detection of cancer.

The Islanders of Guernsey through volunteering have over the years played a vitally important role in this ongoing work. In 2009 Roger was appointed the first President of the Child Youth Community Tribunal which came about as a result of the 2008 Children’s Law. He served in this post until in 2014 when he was elected to serve as a non States Member to the Health and Social Services Committee, now renamed Health and Social Care (HSC) a position he still holds.

Guernsey Community Foundation - Timothy  Sanders

Timothy Sanders

Tim was born in Jersey in 1972, educated at De La Salle and Highlands College. He has worked in the financial services sector for over 25 years’ and has spent most of his career in Jersey, with global international organisations, having also spent time working in New York.

He is a Senior Investment Director in the Financial services industry, a Chartered Wealth Manager and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI). He enjoys spending his spare time with family and friends and likes to keep fit swimming, cycling and skiing.

Tim worked very closely with John for almost 20 years. He is honoured to be a trustee for the John Ramplin Charitable Trust and is privileged to be able contribute, helping towards the future education of the Islands and medical support for the elderly in the  Bailiwick community.

Guernsey Community Foundation - Paul  Bailey

Paul Bailey

Paul was born in 1960 in Llanelli, West Wales and spent his early career working in the finance deptartment for the Vale of Glamorgan Borough Council, before moving into the hospitality industry managing hotels in Cowbridge and Usk. He moved to Guernsey in 1986 to manage Summerland House Hotel.

In 1988 Summerland House was acquired by David Woodland and Paul continued to help run it as a Nursing Home, where he has been working for the past 30 years.

Paul is a member of the National & Guernsey Care Managers Association, ACCA & Associate of the Chartered Management Institute.

Paul is married to Cathy and has two adult daughters. He is an avid sports fan, especially Chelsea FC and Scarlets Rugby Club. He enjoys travel and playing golf.

“I’m extremely honoured to be involved in the John Ramplin Charitable Trust. I had the privilege of knowing John in his latter years. I look forward to supporting its work in being able to make a significant difference to organisations in our Island Community.”

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