Guernsey Community Foundation - David  Woodland

David Woodland


David began his career as a Police Cadet in 1953, pausing to complete his two years National Service, stationed with the Royal Military Police in Dusseldorf.

After returning to the UK, he resumed working with the Police and enrolled in London’s Metropolitan Police Detective Training School in 1961. He rose up the ranks to Detective Inspector of New Scotland Yard’s Crime Intelligence Department and retired in 1978, earning a Certificate of “Exemplary Character” for his service.

David then travelled extensively on behalf of Lloyds of London, conducting global investigations into shipping and large-scale insurance frauds. It was at this point that he became significantly involved in charity and served on the National Council of the Registered Nursing Homes Association, UK.

In 1987 David relocated to Guernsey. Since then he has been involved with a variety of charitable causes. He has served as Chairman for Guernsey Care Homes and was the founder and Chairman of Age Concern (Guernsey). Since 2016 he has acted as the Chairman of the John Ramplin Charitable Trust.

In his spare time David enjoys travelling, walking and writing. He has two published books to his name; critical reflections on his time with the Police.

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